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What’s In Food – Learn how to read the Numbers behind the Food


Have you ever wondered why you have to learn math? Well, you can use math when you eat!
Numbers and math are one way to understand nutrition. Choosing what to eat and how to be healthy can be hard to remember. Numbers give us a way to keep track of everything, from how much food we eat to how much we weight.


Checking the nutrition fact labels on the food you purchase is the best way to find out how many calories are in the food, what ingredients the food is made of, and how much of your daily intake of different nutrients the food gives you.

What Is Good Nutrition?

Nutrition is all the ways a person consumes food. Nutrition involves what kinds of food your body consume, how many times you eat it, and the quantity you eat. Good nutrition means healthy eating. Generally speaking, someone with balanced nutrition eats healthy foods, eats an appropriate amount of food, and eats at least three nutritive meals per day.
Everyone should be interested in good nutrition! Choosing a healthy diet makes you feel better and helps your body regenerate better. In the long run, healthy nutrition keeps your body in a great balance and prevents serious diseases.

The Risks Of Poor Nutrition?

Of course, the opposite of good diet plan is poor nutrition. Eating unhealthy foods, eating too much or few portions, and skipping meals or eating too many are part of poor nutrition.
Poor nutrition leads to lots of health problems. Sometimes unhealthy meals make you feel bloated, dizzy, or put you in a bad mood. Over time, poor nutrition might cause weight gain, heart problems, stroke, diabetes, and more.
Good nutrition is a good goal to have. You don’t have to choose the healthiest food every single time you eat, but you should try to generally eat well. Keep in track your diet most of the time, don’t skip meals, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Food labels can help you figure out just how to do that.

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